Tested,trialed and trusted.

From the day we started in 2007 research and development has been an essential part of our business. Trust is a key element when you are relying on our gear to perform. We can tell you our gear works but words are cheap! 

Why not film the gear being used someone suggested..... so that's exactly what we did. Come along with us as we visit some awesome places and best of all meet some absolute legends. These fellas love the bush and their passion for hunting means they have walked the miles and know the value of good gear. 

Adventure #1 - Tussock boars. 

This Tussock boars adventure is the first of our adventures. We head South into a hunting paradise with dreams of bailing dogs and open tussock. Things don't work out as planned but with Shaun Monk from Shaun from NZ Wild Things  onboard and his cracking little dogs the pigs come off second best.

Check out the gear we use.

The key focus of our Adventures has always been to test and trial new gear before we release it for sale. 

The three products below have featured in our Tussock boars video and are available for you to buy online. We are super confident you will love these items as we design and manufacture them ourselves.


You catch one worth mounting and I'll do you a wicked mount for the new Game Gear shop said Steve Barclay the taxidermist. We had our goal and the pressure was one. Three sows in a row and with only minutes left in our 4 day hunt we spotted the big fella. The next few hours really tested us and we were reminded that good pigs don't come easy and trophy's are earned in blood and sweat.

Check out the gear we use.

Tested, trialed and trusted is not just a slogan its how we do things. In this adventure we faced rain, sleet and the dreaded matagouri that attempted to shred everything. The gear below kept us warm and comfortable in some trying conditions.

The Next Generation 

A keen young fella, his little dog and an area full of pigs and deer. Mix in a chopper ride and staying in a little hut in the bush and you have one hell of an Adventure. 

Check out the gear we use.

Our kids gear is built tough - no compromise for the young hunters as we use the same fabric and great quality. No excuse for not carry out your catch when you have a kids Tusker vest.

Bailed and singed 

You pig hunters are a weird bunch murmured Grant as he crept forward in his camo pajamas. Nothing weird about us I thought as I watched him sneaking around like a bent staple in body fittting camo sock. Come for a decent pig hunt you grumpy old bugger and I'll convert ya from chasing rats with hooves I offered. So with the gear loaded and a fella that looks like Gandalf's brother in the passengers seat we were off down the coast to load up the freezer with prime eating pork. Lightweight bailing dogs were the go and manuka smoked wild pork was the end result.

Check out the gear we use.

Pig hunting is the ultimate test for gear and if it performs - this trip went from rain to sun and back again and certainly made sure the gear got a thrashing.